Windywear is a magnetic dress weight designed to keep dresses down in winds under 20 mph. Composed of metal, magnets, and plastic the base is placed under the dress while the accessory is placed on the top side, either complimenting, accenting, or blending in with the dress.

Windywear’s dress weights are light enough to forget about and heavy enough to keep the wind down.  It can blend in with the dress for a more discreet look, accent, or compliment the dress. You can mix and match Windywear as well! 

Four dress weights are positioned around the circumference of the dress or dress slip. Windywear is placed just outside of the legs at the front right, left, and back right, left. (So you don’t bump into them!) This provides proper coverage from the wind. If the dress is extra flowy, more may be needed.  Testing has been done with roughly 20 mph winds.

Not just for dresses, they can be used for picnic blankets, scarfs, curtains, table clothes outdoors and other materials!


Slide Windywear button from Windywear base. Place the base under the dress at the bottom of the dress and carefully slide or GENTLY set the button accessory on top. To remove, SLIDE off. NOT sliding can potentially cause injury to self or product. Magnets are STRONG.

Windywear dress weights have STRONG magnets and should be slid apart and together. Snapping or pulling can cause damage to self or the product. Windywear is not a toy or stress relief product. The product is a potential choking hazard and should be kept away from small children. Keep magnets away from electronic devices. User assumes all risks.

See it Work

Testing done with roughly 20mph winds.